Vallecillo from FM 1472 to IH 35 SBFR

Initial Project – Vallecillo Road, from FM 1472 to the IH-35 Southbound Frontage Road (February 2015 to Present) – The Laredo MPO Policy Committee requested that the RMA take on this new location roadway in early 2015. Improvements consist of the installation of a 5-lane roadway with curb, sidewalk, lighting, and utilities for a total length of 2.75 miles. This new location corridor will serve as a relief route for traffic on FM 1472, trying to reach IH-35.

As part of this project, the RMA is conducting an Environmental Assessment and will continue to investigate possible funding sources for the implementation of this project through local, state, and federal sources as well as the feasibility of a corridor Transportation Reinvestment Zone (TRZ). Considering the size and location of the TRZ, the RMA is considering expanding the limits of the TRZ to help fund improvements along FM 1472 and Hachar, as well as Vallecillo Road. Currently, the RMA has begun the process of developing a Pass-Through Finance Application for submittal to the State of Texas. As part of this effort, the RMA, the City of Laredo, and private investors are working to develop a financial package for the application. As part of the financial package, the City of Laredo has pledged to provide $5 million, and the RMA has pledged $4 million.

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