Vallecillo from FM 1472 to IH 35 SBFR

The WC-CL RMA has spearheaded several critical steps to arrive at funding the entire project estimated to cost $45.7M. This was an innovative public/private partnership built over the course of several years with consensus from the following partners:

  • WC-CL RMA $5,360,485
  • Killam Company $5,876,071 (Land Donation est. value: $10M)
  • City of Laredo $5,000,000
  • Federal Funds Earmark $3,000,000
  • Category 7 Funds $16,500,000

By percentage the following entities have committed towards the construction of this new road:

  • Laredo & Webb County Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (Category 7) 36.1%
  • Killam Company 34.7%
  •  Webb County-City of Laredo Regional Mobility Authority 11.7%
  • City of Laredo 10.9%
  • U.S. Government / Federal reinvestment 6.6%

The east-west roadway will be located about a mile and a half north of IH-69W and aligned with A.F. Muller Boulevard, directly connecting FM 1472 (Mines) with IH-35. Preliminary schematics have been developed and the plans call for a 150-foot right-of-way, with a total of four (4) travel lanes and a median at approximately 2.85 miles in length. Plans also include sidewalks, and shared use path for pedestrians and cyclists.

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