Killam Turn Lane Additions (Killam Industrial Blvd. at FM 1472)

The WC-CL RMA developed plans, specifications, and an estimate for the proposed improvements. The two major enhancements are as follows:

  • FM 1472 right turn lane, northbound approaching Killam Industrial Blvd.
  • Killam Industrial Blvd. right turn lane, westbound approaching FM 1472

There was also an investment in subsurface infrastructure in this area. The WC-CL RMA invested in the development of plans, specifications, and an estimate for the relocation of a 12-inch water line and entered into an agreement with TxDOT for the construction of the entire project. This agreement allowed for inclusion in the larger FM 1472 enhancement plan underway by the state.  Construction began in May 2022 and is scheduled for completion by Spring 2023.

Project Partners & Investment Breakdown

  1. WC-CL RMA = $861,408
  2. City of Laredo = $1,161,158
  3. TxDOT Laredo District =$99,002

Total Project Cost:            $2,121,568

See Interactive Map